How To Apply for A Grant

Applying For Sponsorship and Support

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Accredited not-for-profit organizations and societies are encouraged to seek support and sponsorship from the ALBF for relevant projects and events.  All requests that meet the spirit of the Foundation mission will be seriously and respectfully considered.  For further information, contact Harold Holzer, chairman, at; or by regular mail at 205 East 78th Street, 14-E, New York, NY  10075.  The Foundation endeavors to consider each application expeditiously.

The application process for ALBF support is relatively simple and direct.  Any effort that encourages education or public participation around the subject of Abraham Lincoln—particularly efforts designed to keep Lincoln at the forefront of commemorations of the Civil War sesquicentennial from 2011 to 2015—will be considered for funding by the Foundation board.  These might include conferences, symposia, website activities, publications, digitization efforts, research projects, restoration activities, and civic engagement.

Applicants must be recognized not-for-profit groups, including universities, civic organizations, government entities, restoration coalitions, and others.  Interested groups are urged to check recent press announcements of Foundation support (available on this website) in order to best understand the range of activities for future funding.

The application cover letter should summarize the details and purpose of the project, and explain how it will widen public understanding of Lincoln.  Attachments should provide a full explanation of the project and offer such relevant details as additional sponsors, local board members, or other partnerships or endorsements.  Attachments should provide a line-by-line budget that explains specifically how ALBF funding would be applied.

The Foundation encourages applicants to seek and obtain partnership support from other sources, and will be especially supportive of projects and programs that feature an array of private and public sponsorship.


The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Foundation welcomes proposal for its support and endorsement from any not-for-profit or educational group, and encourages applicants to send the following, together with a cover letter summarizing the request:

  • A detailed description of the proposed project, event, publication, performance, or other activity.  The proposal should clearly relate the project mission, and explain how it will contribute specifically to increasing our understanding of Abraham Lincoln, his contributions to history and the ongoing American experience, and his vision for America.
  • A report on the intended audience for the project: age, region, etc.  Particular emphases on diversity and involvement with local educational institutions are welcome, if applicable.
  • A specific timetable or schedule of fundraising, project planning, and the event itself.
  • If applicable, a list of scholars who have either vetted the project as consultants or advisors, or are being retained or proposed for involvement in the project. Should this include any members of the Foundation Board, the applicant should disclose this with the application.
  • A detailed budget that lists other sources of support and endorsement, and the specific dollar amount of support the organization is seeking from the ALBF. Co-funding is appropriate and welcome.
  • A report on specific involvement of local, state, or federal governments, if applicable; local schools, colleges, and universities, if applicable.
  • Confirmation that at least part of the program will be free and open or accessible to the public.

In return for its support, sponsorship, or co-sponsorship, the ALBF requires the following:

  • Credit to The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Foundation in all print and online press announcements and materials, event publications, website presence, or wall/label materials where sponsor credits are listed. Ideally the credit should follow this text. “_______with the support of The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Foundation, dedicated to perpetuating and expanding Lincoln’s vision for America and completing America’s unfinished work.”  The ALBF asks that all advertisements carry the ALBF logo along with credit acknowledgement.
  • Forty-eight (48) hours to approve such credit line language.
  • The right of the ALBF to link to and from any project-specific website, cost-and royalty-free, from the ALBF website, or its successor URL. This might include programs, lectures, and publications.
  • Two (2) copies of any and all press releases, CDs, pamphlets, brochures, programs, or catalogues issued around the project.
  • A final report on the use to which funding was put, to include public response, attendance, reviews, etc. If the program does not occur, the ALBF requires the full and prompt return of funding; if the program outline changes significantly before it occurs, the changes must be reviewed and approved by the Chairman of the ALBF in behalf of the foundation.
  • Signature on an agreement consenting to there conditions (available on the website)

Please address proposal to:

Harold Holzer
Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Foundation
205 East 78th Street   14-E
New York, NY 10075

* Note: Proposal can also be directed, or copied, to any and all members of the Foundation Board at the discretion of the applicant. A listing of members can be found on the Foundation website,

In acknowledgement of the terms stated above, the ALBF asks the representative applicant to sign below, and send one original copy to the Chairman.

Title, Organization                                                                                                               Date

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